kstyle.diaryland.com Sunday, Aug. 10, 2008

your attention please
2:21 p.m.

"this is the game that moves as you play"
x - "the have nots"

ok, here's the deal....this is my last post here.

entry #1000 seemed like a good place to stop.

1000 entries! damn!

i'm not quitting blogging, just moving over to livejournal.

it's right HERE

i've been cheating on you diaryland.

i've been posting over there for a few weeks. the same stuff as here, ya didn't MISS anything, haha!

i've been here for just over 6 yrs.made some great friends. met people in real life...JR, steve, matt etc...i can't imagine what life would have been like without DL, and to think i owe it all to laura albert...if she hadn't created JT leroy, who had a diary here....well, i'd probably be blogging SOMEWHERE, but there's so much i wouldn't have experienced.

SF with steve, and the time he came here, meeting JR and going to see the plays, hell, matt wouldn't be working at the store if it wasn't for diaryland!

most of the old gang here is missing in action for several reasons. although i have talked to SW since i got the mac, heard from kiwi, and macka actually posted recently!

and lord, so many other people i would have liked to meet...phu pham, both ians from england, roadiepig, astronautm...there's a long list of cool people who have touched my life here.

but yeah, it's become pretty dead here. LJ is kinda lively, i like how you can view all your friends' entries on one page. some of my local friends are over there. and i'm finding new interesting blogs every day.

so, really nothing is changing. i hope if you're a regular reader, you'll click the link up there and bookmark it. you can comment easily at LJ, you don't have to be a member.

and of course i'll be checking to see if anyone is updating here.

people will be seeing this post for a long time, as my banners are probably gonna be running for MONTHS, haha!

so please, drop by the new joint and say hi.

i'm still here, if there IS a "here" on the internet.

yup, i'm right HERE...the door is always open.

thanks everyone, i really do love each and every one of you :)



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